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Mail til Andrew Johnson søndag den 4.8.2013

Hi Andrew

Thanks for your permission to share your email. I think it's so nice that you have great memories of your grandfather J 

Most members of the Facebook group are descendants of Jens Jacob Sparvath from Malmoe in Sweden - just like you and I, so I hope that you'll get response from some of them - preferably several of them.

Now a response from me:

The birth (baptism) of your grandfather in Danish and in English:

AO KB 1892-1909 Hørve Sogn, Ods Herred, Holbæk Amt. Fødte Mandkøn1907, side 37. Opslag 37:

Født 4. Oktober 1907 i Kundby, Kundby Sogn, Tudse Herred: Aage Sparvath. Forældre: Ugifte Bodil Charlotte Nielsen og TjenesteKarl Jens Sparvath af Kundby.
Døbt 4. Oktober 1907 af Sognepræst Gad i Kundby i Hjemmet. Fremstillet i Hørve Kirke 1. December 1907.
Faddere: Forældrene. Husmand Mogens Nielsen, Vig, Tømrer Kristiansens Hustru Andrea Jakobine, født Sparvath, Hørve.

Your grandfather Aage Sparvath was born October 4, 1907 in Kundby village, Kundby parish, Tuse district, Holbaek county and baptized at home the same day by the vicar, Gad. The baptism was confirmed in Hoerve church December 1, 1907. Parents: Unmarried Bodil Charlotte Nielsen and laborer (working for a farmer) Jens Sparvath of Kundby. Witnesses: The parents. Smallholder Mogens Nielsen, Vig, the wife of carpenter Kristiansen, Andrea Jakobine, birthname Sparvath, Hoerve.

Vig is a parish in Ods district, Holbaek county. Andrea Jakobine is a sister to your grandfathers father.

I'm sending you the churchrecord as an attached file. The source is www.arkivalieronline.dk the churchrecord 1892-1909 Hoerve parish, Ods district, Holbaek county. Entry 37.

About Kundby village in Danish, this is from Google-translate:

"Kundby is a small town on the North West Zealand with 716 inhabitants (2013) [1]. Kundby is located in Kundby parish three miles east of Svinninge, four kilometers south of Gislinge and 15 kilometers west of Holbaek. The city belongs Holbaek Municipality and is located in Region Zealand. Kundby Church is located in the city."

Earlier Kundby was a farm community - farmers and smallholders did not own their farms and houses, but were tenants. They should work for the estate.

About Hoerve village in Danish, this is from Google-translate:

"Hoerve is a railway town in North Zealand in the southernmost part of Odsherred. The town has 2,377 inhabitants (2013) [1] and is located in Odsherred Municipality, Region Zealand.
Hoerve located near Dragsholm castle and belongs to Hoerve Parish. Hoerve Church was built as a round church in the 1100s, but was later changed to a "normal" country church. The town has two schools: Vallekilde-Hoerve School and Vallekilde-Hoerve Free School.
Hoerve Station is on Odsherred course was inaugurated in 1899. Hoerve then was rather insignificant, but grew later steeply due to some industry that occurred after desiccation of the Lammefjord and the opening of the court. Hoerve was railway junction 1918-56 when Hoerve-Værslev Railway existed. [2]"

I haven't got my database updated and I have a lot of information to add the database. Right now just a brief overview of some of your grandfather's ancestors - well, your ancestors J

Your male ancestors were craftsmen.

Tanner, Jens Jacob Sparvath (around 1772/1782 Malmoe, Sweden - 1858 Holbaek) married 1808 in Frederiksberg parish, Copenhagen to Anne Rosine Louise Krogh (1782 Copenhagen - 1867 Holbaek)

They had 6 children. Your ancestors:

Saddle Master, Jacob Christian Casper Ludvig Sparvad (1814 Copenhagen - 1900) married 1835 in Holbaek, Skt. Nicolai parish to Lene Wilhelmine Jacobsdatter (1811 Toelloese, Holbaek county - 1900)

They had 12 children. Your ancestors:

Smallholder. Laborer for farmers 1880, worker employed by road (construction) work 1901, Jens Theodor Sparvath (1852 Skamstrup, Holbaek county - ?) married 1874 in Hoerve, Holbaek county to Karen Andersen (1850 Hoerve, Holbaek county - ?)

They had 4 children. Your ancestors:

Worker employed by road (construction) work 1929 in Faarevejle, Ods district, Holbaek county, Jens Theodor Sparvath (1888 Hoerve, Holbaek county - 1976 Faarevejle, Holbaek County) married 1909 in Asnaes church, Asnaes parish, Ods district, Holbaek county to Bodil Charlotte Nielsen (1887 Troenninge village, Kundby parish, Tuse district, Holbaek county - 1976 Faarevejle parish, Ods district, Holbaek county)

They had 9 children:

Your grandfather, Aage Sparvath (1907-1995)
Karla Agnete Sparvath (1909-1989)
Jens Theodor Tage Sparvath (1919-1977)
Svend Ejvind Sparvath (1920-1990)
Orla Frede Sparvath (1923-1996)
Ingeborg Sparvath (1925)
Solveig Sparvath (1929)
Karen Charlotte Sparvath
Helga Sparvath

Your ancestors:

Your grandfather, Aage Sparvath (1907 Kundby parish, Tuse district, Holbaek county - 1995 Canada, Prince Co. Hospital, Belmont, was buried in Canada, Floral Hills Mem. Gardens) married 1931 in Canada to Ruth Simpson (1909 Canada - ?)

… from here, you know more than I do J

Have a nice Sunday. Greetings from Sanne
Svaret 9.12.2012:


I came across this email address on the internet and though I would say hello. My name is Andrew Johnson, (3rd) son of Kenny Johnson who is a son of Aage Sparvath. 

My Family went to PEI many times growing up however it has been awhile since I have been back. I love it there. The farm was such a great place to visit and I have great memories.

I live in Vancouver, BC Canada with my wife and two kids (3 year old boy and 1 year old girl). Some day it would be great to visit Denmark. My father and mother (PAM) have visited Aage's sister (Ingebor (sp?)) many years ago along with my brother (GORDON Johnson).

I here Denmark is a very nice place to live. Vancouver is as well.

Anyway - if some one reads this and remember the best grandpa I ever had it would be great to say hi. 

I guess I also have a question... Where was Aage born? Ferballie? What's it like there? Is it a farm community, business district or fishing village? Any comments/pictures would be appreciated.

Cheers, Andrew Johnson"
Efterlysningen 21.2.2010:

"Around 1924 when Aage Sparvath was 17 years old, he emigrated from Denmark to Prince Edward Island. After his arrival in Canada he changed his surname to Johnson.

In 1931 he married Ruth Simpson (born October 31, 1909 in Canada) and they had 3 children:

Lillian Johnson (married to Bill – surname unknown)
Kenny Johnson
Allison Johnson

Aage Johnson died at the Prince County Hospital on October 13, 1995 and was burried at the Floral Hills Memorial Gardens.

Sparvath-family members in Denmark would be happy to get in contact with descendants of Aage Johnson and Ruth Simpson.

If you would like to get in contact with the Sparvath-family members in Denmark and besides wants to get information about some of your ancestors, you can mail to sparvath.familie@gmail.com 

you can also find the Sparvath-group on http://www.facebook.com/  and become a member

and you can visit / write on the blog http://sparvath-familie.blogspot.com/

Kind regards, Sanne Bloch - my 3 x great grandfather was a Sparvath"
Vedr. Aage Sparvath, som omkring 1924 emigrerede til Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada:

Den 21.2.2010 lagde jeg en efterlysning på en Mailinglist "can-pei-prince" med følgende overskrift: "Are your surname Johnson? Then you might have ancestors in Denmark named Sparvath."

Ha, ha - noget af en satsning når man tænker på, hvor almindeligt navnet Johnson er J

I fredags den 2. august 2013 så jeg, at der er kommet svar den 9.12.2012 fra Andrew Johnson, en sønnesøn af Aage Sparvath J

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